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For Better Stacking And Snacking--Yes, You Really Can Grow Cubecumbers!

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

In our first Cubekins cartoon, “Invasion Of The Cubecumbers, the Cubekins bought special seeds that made rectangle-shaped “cubecumbers”.

While those seeds don’t exist (yet!), you can grow fruit and veggies in neat shapes like hearts, stars, faces, and, yes, cubes!

You can even get molds that are specially made to make veggies grow with words in the skins. Imagine a watermelon that has your name on it!

These molds are made of clear plastic, which means you can watch your fruit or veggie grow into its new shape.

How To Do It:

1) Order a mold you enjoy. There are many places that make them. Simple search for “fruit and vegetable mold” and find your favorite.

2) Grow your plant. While these molds work on many types of fruits and vegetables, cucumbers are actually an excellent choice. They develop more quickly than a watermelon, can be grown in a pot, and require less space.

3) When the cucumber is still a “fingerling” size, clamp the mold around it. As the cucumber grows, it will automatically fill the space of the mold.

4) When your cucumber starts growing out the bottom, remove the mold and pick your fancy veggie!

5) Send us a pic of your fancy veggie!

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