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Being A Kid Again

Being a kid.

The freedom to explore.

Pillow forts.

Drinking cocoa and eating cookies in your pj's while watching cartoons.

Taking an afternoon nap.

Catching lightning bugs.

Moms, remember fun? Remember lightness? Remember rest?

We have the perfect opportunity to be a kid again with our kids. WHY are we not taking advantage of it?!

My kids are grown now. But I remember the times when I was Too Busy With Important Things(tm) to play.

But I also remember the times I ran into the kids' rooms and said "Put a coat over your pj's! The sky is amazing! Let's go for a drive!" (We lived in Alaska, and the sunrise in winter is both every color but green and late enough that we could sleep in and still see the sun rise.)

I remember accidentally discovering that our neighborhood was having a Christmas parade right that minute, and the kids and I ran laughing to catch up with it--I didn't even put on boots (yes, in December. In Alaska)! I ran in thick socks for two blocks so that we could catch the parade.

I remember being so concerned that I needed to Go Do Great Things(again, tm), that the kids talked to my back a lot (ouch).

I also remember the kids asking me questions: "Mom, what happens if <insert science-y thing here>?" and me dropping everything to go set up the experiment.

Which of these, when I look honestly, did the most good for my family? The exploring times, the fun times, the learning times....the invested times.

Moms, we have a great opportunity, given by the Lord, to play and rest and learn with the kids. Oh of course we also have bills and chores and responsibilities, but let's not forget that part of the fringe benefits of being at home with our children is the opportunity to be with our children, pouring into their hearts and minds and spirits. That sometimes means mopping the floor whilst the kids finish up 6 straight weeks of grammar. But it also sometimes means curling up under a ton of blankets with cookies and cocoa and watching cartoons.

It can't be all the time, of course. We do have to be diligent and cheerful in work and teach our children to be diligent and cheerful in work.

But every now and again, take the time to play and explore. It will be good for your mental health and will build great memories of home.

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