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For Homeschooling - Christian Activities for Kids - Christian Curriculum for Kids

Cubekins is all about family, fun, and loving Jesus! As such, we're dedicated to helping you and your little ones learn how to serve, learn, and grow with glad hearts that are leaning ever toward our Savior. Check out each of these Resource sections below, each of which with its own unique, Cubekins flair and direction.



Fun Activities For Kids



  • Basic Pillow Fort Designs

  • Easy Paper Airplanes

  • Treasure Hunt Clues (we provide the clues that lead to places in a house that everyone has so the mom or dad doesn't have to be creative)

  • Old Time Games Like Hopscotch

  • "Spy School"--Lemon Juice Code Writing. How To Set Up A Yarn Obstacle Course

  • We tested potential water balloons.  Here is what we found.



Experiments and Household Projects For Kids

  • Rube Goldberg Machines and Why You Should Build Them

  • Kid's First Toolbox and Projects

  • What To Look For In A Bicycle

  • Pulley Systems and Basic Machines

  • Making a Potato Battery

  • Kite Mechanics



Moms, We Got You Covered:  Party Ideas, Money and Budgeting, Time Management, Emotional Support, Marriage Support, and Homeschooling

  • Easy Fun Recipes for Kids

  • Best Ways to Budget For a Vacation

  • BUJO Ideas for Busy Women

  • Tips for Picky Eaters

  • Evaluating Priorities

  • Smart Money Moves

Cubekins Invasion of the Cubecumbers Pic


Nature Studies, Pet Care and Resources, What Pet Is Right For Your Family?

  • What are Tardigrades?

  • Best Pets For Your Family

  • Nature Based Crafts



It All Starts With Him

  • What the Bible says about Dads

  • What the Bible says about Moms

  • What the Bible says about Kids

  • How to know that God loves you and sees you, mom?

  • Can you really do it all?

  • What is a rest day?

  • Scripture to share with kids to start day off

  • Deep scripture study for the Daughters of God

Cubekins Invasion of the Cubecumbers Pic


Homeschooling Help

  • Homeschool Resources

  • Lessons and Lesson Plans

  • All About Homeschooling

Resources: Featured Work
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