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Safe and enjoyable for the whole family!

Watching Cubekins with the kiddos this morning. They liked it and it's rare things hold their attention! - Mr. & Mrs. Johnson

"Cubekins is a wonderful animation that is captivating, engages younger audiences, and has a positive Christian message. I am a preschool teacher for a church and my kids thoroughly enjoy watching the video. They are engrossed in the film and I can tie in the message portrayed to my kids through a Bible lesson and craft. Thank you for having this resource for me to use." - Sangeeta Balaraman, RHC Production Assistant

Testimonials: Video
Testimonials: Testimonials

Cubekins characters are endearing and give an easy to understand Biblical message to deal with sticky situations. Lively songs and colorful digital animation will hold the interest of younger viewers, and parents will appreciate this clean, worry-free entertainment! -Becky Bartlett

Becky Bartlett, Actress/Host, Pax.TV


Such a fun show to watch with the kids, my youngest really did laugh out loud at several parts! It was great seeing a family gather to pray together and to hear so much scripture being recited in a kids’ show! We look forward to the next episode! - Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark, Homeschooling Mom Extraordinaire & Ninja-for-Jesus

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Cubekins is witty and entertaining for the whole family. The lessons portrayed are invaluable and great for children. The cucumber blues song is adorable, the colours are vibrant, and the little details are a joy. - Sheila Flannigan

Sheila Flannigan Campbell Actor/Voice Actor/Producer/Host


Cubekins is a fun-loving, holy revolution in animation. It is this generation's Veggie Tales. Your kids or grandkids will love this, and you will love it because it shows normal Christian family life, which of course includes Cube Jesus and prayer!! Don't miss this new animated series! Share the word about them so we can get more and more of this beloved family, and reach new families who've never even heard about Jesus!! - Shari McGriff

Shari McGriff, Christian author and writing coach

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I watched the Cubekins cartoon and enjoyed every minute of it!  It is family friendly, entertaining, and has a solid Biblical message.  Your kids will love it!
-Charles Owens II

Charles Owens II, Associate Pastor & Owner, JMK Martial Arts


Cubekins is filling a much-needed space in kid's content by providing a show that’s fun, wacky, and heartfelt while also encouraging them in their faith! - Monica Theiler

Monica Theiler, Professor of The Arts at Liberty University & Owner/Producer Moonglow Animation, LL

Testimonials: Testimonials

I can occasionally be critical of Christian content. But the new animated kids show “Cubekins” from @BrainyPixel is great, featuring Scriptural messages told with humor and song. I’m way past the recommended age range but even I enjoyed it! - Jake Doberenz

Jake Doberenz, Master of Divinity


Cubekins is bright, fun and unique. Cutting edge technology combined with wholesome entertainment the whole family will love. -Nathan Thomas

Nathan Thomas, creator of Big Dinosaur


Go get the first episode of “Cubekins” from @BrainyPixel. Humor, songs, Christian messages, and a Cube Jesus! Great for your littlest ones. -Theopany Media

Theopany Media

Testimonials: Testimonials

I recently watched the Cubekins pilot with my three year old son.  During the show, he got up and danced twice to the music.  I'd say that is worthy of a two-thumbs-up rating!

-Nate Lindley

Nate Lindley Artist/Writer/Publisher


My two nieces both watched intently until about halfway, and the 2 year old said "I go play". I considered it an accomplishment that she watched that long with her short attention span. The 8 year old stuck to it the whole time. She said during the church scene she wished her dad would take her to church.
-James Davis

James Davis, Engineer, Homeschooling Dad, and Animator


Just watched the premier episode of Cubekins! The character designs are adorable and the environment models are outstanding. Enjoyed the "Turtles" song, probably a bit too much at my age. The loyal God workers over at Brainy Pixel can be very proud of the work they've accomplished for our Father. HE is most definitely giggling right now. - g.Michael Nicolosi

g.Michael Nicolosi, Writer, Voice Actor, and Actor

Testimonials: Testimonials
Testimonials: Testimonials

Cubekins lands squarely in the realm of color and fun! A positive message full of energy and creativity. Looking forward to more to come from Brainy Pixel. - Daniel Hancock

Daniel Hancock, Director, Bible Actors Productions


Visually stunning, witty, and well written.  Cubekins keeps the view entertained while bringing truth and morality to the next generation.  I would feel privileged to have Cubekins on Pax!  Can’t wait to see more from the guys at Brainy Pixel!

- Nick Schroeder

Nick Schroeder, CEO, Pax.TV

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"Hi Dad, How was work? Did you get a new episode of Cubekins yet?” Since the first time I showed my daughter the sneak peak of Cubekins, she has been finding ways to ask me for the next episode. She loves Cubekins, and I love that she loves a show that helps her grow in her understanding of the Bible and faith. If your kids are like my kids, they will love it too. Yes, we hope to add more episodes soon.

- Matt Oser

Shawn McDuffee, Producer

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Shawn McDuffee, Producer

I got to watch the pilot of Cubekins recently and the animation is super fun! It’s great to see people creating heartfelt content to teach kids practical biblical lessons that can be applied to their daily lives. - Shawn McDuffee, Animation Producer

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Marcus Wood, Actor and Composer

Cubekins is a vibrant, fun packed addition to any children's entertainment. Its biblical value centered stories are refreshing to see, especially with such a superb production value that matches other mainstream kids programs. I'm certain that the unique songs and messages in each episode will stick with both little ones and grown-ups alike! -Marcus Wood


Brent Metzger

I highly recommend the new Christian cartoon for kids, Cubekins. Studies have shown that the majority of people who accept Christ do so between the critical ages of 4 and 14. As a believer and father I can attest that this show will encourage kids in their Christian walk. While much mainstream entertainment—including children’s programming—normalizes sin and fallen-world behavior, Cubekins reverently depicts the value of family prayer and church services. Kids will be entertained by this Dove-approved show’s engaging visuals and story, while they learn the importance of following directions, honesty, and faith from a Christian perspective. Finally, I believe it is essential for parents to support the work of Christian creatives, like Brainy Pixel Productions (the creator of Cubekins), who strive to create family-friendly, faith-based entertainment designed to edify and encourage children.

- Brent Metzger


Melissa Botelho

"I love how this story teaches kids about God and how he is always there no matter what..." Read the full review here!


Elizabeth Brooks

"My girls are 7 and 9 and were entertained by the episode. I loved how it used bible verses throughout the show, and related the lesson to something they would understand." Read the full review here!



"...This is a show that the whole family can watch together and enjoy. The lessons learned are things all of us learn ourselves, so they make real sense and are personally applicable to viewers..." Read the full review here!

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Victoria Stankus

"...She did enjoy watching it. The show's colorful characters, and the songs, are what made it most appealing to her. She said she would watch it again..." Read the full review here!


Erin from Mommy Octopus

"...It was a really cute show and had good morals and some great Bible verses mixed in to help teach children Bible application..." Read the full review here!


Stay-at-home mom from Chocolate 'N Children

"...My 3yr old loved it! And he was pretty upset that there was only one episode available to watch..." Read the full review here!

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Luke David, Kid

"...It is very funny, I thought it was so much fun..." Watch the full review here!


Brandi C

"...There are some educational things that they talk about. Also, teaching aspects of responsibilities..." Read the full review here!


Miranda A. Uyeh

"Cubekins is a wonderful children’s TV show with the objective of not only entertaining kids of 4 – 7 years old, but also teaching them important Christian and moral values..." Read the full review here!


Meghan Wright

"The main audience for this show is 3-8, but it is appropriate for the whole family. My 10 year old enjoyed as well as her younger siblings..." Read the full review here!


Kathryn Cummins

"...The kids and I watched the first episode of the Cubekins series, Invasion of the Cubecumbers and really enjoyed it..." Read the full review here!


Stay-at-Home mom from Penny Minding Mom

"...I love that this show shares Christian values that are missing from so many shows. I like that it shows the family spending time in prayer together and eating at the table together..." Read the full review here!


Jamie Cosley, Jedi Cartoonist

Cubekins provides a snappy soundtrack and colorful characters to introduce your little ones to the Love of God! "Veggietales meets Mayberry is the best tagline there is!" - Jamie Cosley

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