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Cubekins Ep1 - Invasion of the Cubecumbers

Cubekins Ep1 - Invasion of the Cubecumbers

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Cubekins Ep.01 - Invasion of the Cubecumbers

In this 22 minute episode: When Kip applies too much fertilizer to his father’s crop of cubecumbers, he and his family scramble to put the abundant crop to good use and learn some critical lessons in the process.

What is Cubekins? Cubekins is a 3D animated Christian's kid's show for ages 4-7 that's all about family, faith, and fun! We like to say it's like Veggie Tales set in Mayberry and it's all about a family called the Cubekins who are just trying to live their lives, love one another and serve Jesus. Our main character is Kip Cubekin, who is seven years old, and to him, no day is ever the same. Even things that might seem mundane to an adult, like getting dressed, making a new friend, or waiting for the mailman or the bus, are new and thrilling to Kip. While these brand-new experiences are wondrous and sometimes scary, each adventure reveals to Kip that even though his world may change from moment to moment, his Heavenly Father does not. -

Cubekins: Loving, laughing, and learning in Little Boxburg!


Who is Brainy Pixel Productions? We're a Christian animation/production company out of North Alabama. We're a small, indie studio that is very focused on producing faith- and family-friendly entertainment that points to God, the Gospel, and Christ.

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