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Each of our Cubekins episodes will feature original songs, and we hope that they get your entire family singing. Enjoy the songs below, presented in sing-a-long formats, and keep an eye out for even more musical delights from Cubekins - coming soon!

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It's important to know the meanings behind the message!

We're like-minded parents and we think it's critical that we know the meanings behind the messages in the media our children consume. That's why we'll always post the lyrics to our songs online, so discerning mom's and dad's can read what their little ones are listening to.

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Cubekins Train My Turtles Thumb.jpg


It's stay really calm.
I shoulda spent more time in Psalms!
‘Cause now I've gotta go...
Train my turtles!
This is a true "big girl" job.
To take an untrained turtle mob.
To show the pet store I can
Train my turtles!
Train my turtles...
Their purpose is to be cute.
But I might give that the boot.
Won-dring is there more to my
Turtles purpose?
I've got to be a big girl,
So I can make it in the world.
Lord I could use some help...
Training turtles!
Training turtles
Train my turtles

Cubecumber Blues Thumb.jpg


Since the sun up today,

I've been here.

It may sound cliche,

But I fear

I.....v.....e..... the cubecumber blues.

(oh yeah)


Gotta help out my dad

but I got the cubecumber blues.


I got the cubecumber, cubecumber blues.

A whole lotta work that I can't refuse,

Lotsa stuff to pick and I'm gettin kinda sick...

Cubecumber blues

(oh yeah)


I got the cubecumber, the cubecubmer blues.

(oh yes I do...)



The kids are working so hard,

busy in our backyard

I pray it will help them all

know their purpose!


I know more is needed, though,

that work does not only show

God's truth, we must also know

To learn purpose!


Discern purpose...


Planting seeds or training pets,

Who can tell which one is best?

The world will keep you wondering:

What's my purpose?


Listen to God's Holy Word,

so you can make it in the world

and never have to wonder,

What's my purpose?


Just read...God's Word,

to learn purpose.

Trust God's plan for

Your true purpose!

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