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Food Art To Tempt Picky Eaters

(Isn't this cucumber race car with radish bird from cute! And so easy to make!)

Hello sweet friends! We talked about picky eaters in this post a few days back. I want to share one of our Pinterest boards that I think might help.

Humans eat with their eyes. And toddlers and preschoolers can also sometimes (!) be persuaded to do something they don't want to do if we repackage the idea in a more entertaining form.

For example, a preschooler might not eat veggies. But will he eat a bug made out of cucumber if he is pretending he's a frog? Perhaps! Sometimes it works! It can't hurt to try, right?

So here is a link to our pinterest board on camouflaging peppers as frogs and cucumbers as whales. Drop us a comment down below and let us know if it worked with your child!

(BTW, don't worry if you aren't an artist. These are not carving marble, just cutting veggies :) If I can do it, so can you! In fact, here is a whole (not quite finished) under sea display I made for a friend's birthday party. It looks really complicated, but honestly, I just went through the produce section saying "Does this already look like a fish?" A few toothpicks and some icing for eyes, and voila!)

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