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Batch Cooking: Read This First!

Hello Friends!

We are going to be doing a series on great recipes for Batch Cooking.

Batch cooking is one of those incredible, time saving blessings from the Lord, BUT they can seem intimidating at first.

We are going to try to make it super easy for you!

What is Batch Cooking? Cooking more than one meal's worth of food at a time so you can put some in the freezer

Why Batch Cooking? So you have something to pull out on those nights where you are tired/busy/sick/nursing the baby/whatever and don't have time to cook.

What are the benefits of Batch Cooking? It saves time, money, reduces waste, reduces dishes!

What do I need to do when I start Batch Cooking?

  1. Pick out one recipe to start with if you have never done big batch cooking before.

  2. Make sure you have the ingredients ready, including what you will put the finished meals in (for example, baggies or tupperware).

  3. Make sure you have space in your freezer (Batch Lasagne takes more room than Batch Lumpia).

  4. Empty the dishwasher (so you can put dirty dishes right in as you go!)

  5. Make a cup of coffee, tea, whatever you want--hydration is key (and caffeine isn't too bad either :D )

  6. Plan an activity or 3 for the kids during this time so you can focus. This is a GREAT day for "Pillow Fort Movie Day". Get a stack of dvds ready, have easy, grab and go snacks for the kids, and let them just enjoy a down day.

  7. Relax! This is actually fun if you stay calm and just enjoy the process!

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