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Turtle Soccer

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

In our episode Invasion of the Cubecumbers, Kara received her Super Rare Dimple Cheeked Box Turtles. What happens when turtles play soccer? Let’s find out!

2 or more players


1) Inflated Balloon

2) Playing area suitable for age of children (from small room size to yard size)

3) 4 Goal Markers. Place two at each end of playing area for “goal”

Goal: To get the balloon into other person’s goal.

Rules: Players get down on hands and knees (or hands and feet like a bear walk). Players may only use their heads to touch the balloon. The goal is to get the balloon across the other person’s goal line. Players may not head-butt other players.


-For older kids: Use a soft large latex ball or beach ball.

-For one child or for a less rambunctious game, make lines at varying distances and angles from which a child must try to “shoot” the ball into the goal.

-For more critical thinking skills for older children, ask children to come up with the most elaborate way to the goal (bank shots off of furniture, etc.).

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