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Turtle Relay!

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

In our episode Invasion of the Cubecumbers, Kara received her Super Rare Dimple Cheeked Box Turtles. Wanna be a turtle too? Here are some relay ideas to get started!

1 or more players


-Balloons or balls

-Different types of marking items depending on which game variation you choose.

-Basket or large shoebox sized container

Relay Variations:

1) Push “egg” of the sea and put in nest

a. Mark out a starting and ending line, with the distance depending on available space and age of children. Put basket on ending line.

b. Provide 4 blown up balloons of the same color for each child at the starting line (each child gets a different color).

c. At “Go!”, children must get their balloons, without using their hands or feet, down to the ending line and placed in the basket. (You can adjust the rules for the abilities of the children. For example, little ones might have to stay on knees but can use their hands. Slightly older children might be able to grab the balloon tie in their teeth. Older children might have to just use their nose.)

d. Children then race back (on all fours) to the starting line to get the next balloon, etc.

e. First child to get all four of their own balloons in their basket, wins.

2) Avoid “alligator pits”—weaving race

a. Place markers (such as plastic cups with rocks in them for weight or cones or other stable markers) every 2-5 feet, depending on size of children playing.

b. Each child gets a balloon (can use a playground or beach ball instead)

c. At “GO!”, children must weave their balloon or ball around all the “alligator pits” (cups) using ONLY their noses to touch their ball or balloon.

d. First child back to start wins.

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