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Teaching Health, Hygiene, and Safety to Preschoolers

Ah our precious little, sticky-fingered bundles of joy (Wait. What is that on their fingers?!)

Teaching health, hygiene, and safety to preschoolers is a task that every mom and dad undertakes.

Brushing teeth, washing hands, eating good food, not sticking metal stuff in light sockets…all incredibly necessary. Our kids might never do another algebra problem after high school, but they’ll need to know how to take care of their bodies their whole lives.

This is our master link list page for Health, Hygiene, and Safety. This is where we will post links to our posts and favorite resources so you have them in one handy area. We will be updating the list regularly so come back and see what’s new!

You can also type “Health” in the search bar of the blog and it will also give you a list to all health, hygiene, and safety lessons.

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