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Teaching Art To Preschoolers

Ahhh this is where light and shape and color fill the paper (and the air. And the hair. And probably the couch if we turn our backs for a second). Homeschool art is an incredible and vastly underrated educational tool.

It’s sad that our society has deemed art as a second-class subject, one of those time filler classes that kids can choose so they’re in school for the full day.

But why?! Art is beauty and science! It is math in color! It can speak as eloquently as any sonnet!

Art is creativity and reason. It teaches hand eye coordination and planning ahead. It teaches delight in patience.

Art visualizes concepts in math and science that we can’t explain. Science uses art to reveal the beauty of invisible space, bring visible color to wavelengths we can’t even see to show us that there are layers upon layers of the Lord’s creation that we can’t even see.

Art can be high worship of God and intimate understanding of what it means to be human. Art can give “voice” to the emotions we can’t describe. It can be visual psychology and quiet revolution. It transcends borders and languages.

And it all starts with a child and a crayon.

Let your child create. Let him or her draw and paint and get messy. Let him color outside the lines. While he does, you can also weave in math and science and language and good character and faith and pretty much every other subject you want to teach.

It is the gateway to easing into more complicated teaching and it’s FUN!

This is our master link list page for art. We will post links to our posts and to our favorite resources. Check back often to see what’s new—we will be updating the links to new posts here. Also, though, you can simply type “Art” in the search bar of the blog and that will show you all the posts tagged Art.

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