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Read This First!

We at Cubekins want to help you educate the children in your life. We are passionate about the call to educate and train our children. We have homeschooled our children and have gone through just about all the trials and stumbling blocks and errors and fears that homeschooling parents or grandparents make. Let our oopses give you both wisdom and comfort :).

In Finn's Homeroom we will present homeschooling hints, tips, advice, lessons, stories, favorite resources, reviews, etc.

A word about the homeschooling lessons we present on our site:

These activities are presented without assumption of your child’s age or developmental stage. Children grow and develop so quickly during early childhood, but they are still learning how to control their bodies and are taking in enormous information—everything is brand new!

If you try an activity and your child is unable to complete it, relax 😊. That is normal for children. It does not mean your child is behind or you need to push harder. Just like you can’t “push” or “train” a 6 month old to tie his shoes, you can’t push or train a 4 year old to develop any specific skill or ability that his or her brain has not laid down the wiring to learn yet. The brain has to do that itself—we can’t make it happen faster.

Give it time. It’s ok. Adjust the activities to your child’s level or do a different activity entirely. Perhaps come back to an activity in 3 or 6 or 12 months and try again.

We cannot emphasize enough that the MOST important part of these activities is exposure and fun—exposure of the child to new ideas and relaxed exploration with the parent so the child has a long term, enduring idea that learning is fun.

RELAX! HAVE FUN! That’s what will make your child succeed in learning.

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