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Our Favorites: Schoolhouse Rock!

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Want a good, easy to use, entertaining and quick way to start your homeschooling off right?

Look no further than the good ol’ Schoolhouse Rock series! History, math, English, science…all right there in a glorious 70’s-80’s vibe.

If you have never watched Schoolhouse Rock, you’re missing a treat. Yes, the graphics are a little dated, but the content is amazing! Complex, catchy lyrics that really stick. In fact, I remember taking civics class when I was 13 and we had to memorize and write the Preamble of the Constitution. You could tell who grew up on Saturday morning cartoons (which is when Schoolhouse Rock aired) by the low humming then fast scribbling (“We the peeoplllle" <writes frantically> "In order to form a more Per.Fect. Yoon.Yunnnnn" <writes frantically again>)

Confession #1: Schoolhouse Rock was pretty much the only official “grammar” I taught to my children. I figured they knew how to speak properly and would write well if they just wrote how they spoke. I could fill in any gaps with a few short videos, that would be a win for all of us.

(Did it work? Dd published her first novel at age 21).

Confession #2: I also relied on Schoolhouse Rock to babysit my 2 year old daughter when I was pregnant with my son and feeling pretty ill. She watched the videos ad nauseam and I laid on the couch “add” nauseam :D . To this day, “Busy P’s (Prepositions)” still makes me queasy 😊.

Here is a link to a Youtube page that has all the videos. Please preview them before showing your child, as they are uploaded by individuals and therefore might have unsavory links.

You can also buy the DVDs on amazon (but check your player to make sure they will play properly).

If you watched Schoolhouse Rock, which was your favorite? Post a comment and let us know! If we get enough people replying, we might even post a poll!

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