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How Many Outside Activities Should We Do?

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Our culture often has so many wonderful things to do!

Often you can find more classes and activities than you could possibly do in a month of Sundays. It's so tempting to get your child involved in all of them “just in case” they have some hidden talent that will make them a ton of money or get them a scholarship.

While having outside activities can be excellent for both you and your child, be careful not to overdo it.

Your child doesn’t need to be in multiple classes to succeed. Understand, again, that everything your child does is learning. You have time to discover their talents.

Also, too many activities can be jarring and upsetting to some children. If your child is an introvert, choose one or two activities that take only a small amount of time in a week and are directed at a specific purpose.

If he or she thrives in activity and sleeps well (doesn’t get overstimulated) and if you want to have him or her in more activities, do what is best for your family.

I just don’t want you to feel like you “have to” be involved in a ton of stuff to be a good mom.

If your child is an only child AND if there are no children who live around you, you might want to find a playgroup so he can learn how to interact with other children.

In any case, pray first then make each choice DELIBERATE and SELECTIVE, driven by the result of prayer, your family’s rhythms, and your child, not by FOMO ('fear of missing out') or "FOMUMCAAHM" ('fear of messing up my child as a homeschool mom'--I just made that up :D ).

Prayer and thought will help you make good choices!

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