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Cubekins is a wholesome, small-town tale of a rambunctious, seven-year old boy named Kip exploring his ever-changing world, while learning more about his never-changing God

"Cubekins is a great kids show—children will be entertained while learning morals from a Christian perspective." ~


Cubekins Episode 01 Trailer

Cubekins Ep1 Trailer, Invasion of the Cubecumbers

Cubekins Ep1 Trailer, Invasion of the Cubecumbers

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Our Mission

We are on a mission to show kids that a relationship with Jesus Christ, praying, reading the Bible, and going to church are essential to real love, unhindered joy, and true peace in a fallen world.  We believe if we model Biblically based family behaviors in Cubekins, then children will see, remember, and learn the biblical way to respond to problems.  We depend on the Holy Spirit to faithfully convict and change young hearts as they watch Cubekins; He is faithful.  Our job is to tell a great story and present a biblical pattern of response so kids have a model of behavior when faced with a similar real-life situation.  


Overall, Cubekins is a great kids show—children will be entertained while learning morals from a Christian perspective.  Parents need not worry about negativity or inappropriate themes. When looking for a wholesome way to teach and occupy their children, parents can trust Cubekins to fulfill those needs." -


Cubekins characters are endearing and give an easy to understand Biblical message to deal with sticky situations. Lively songs and colorful digital animation will hold the interest of younger viewers, and parents will appreciate this clean, worry-free entertainment! -Becky Bartlett

Becky Bartlett, Actress/Host, Pax.TV


Cubekins provides a snappy soundtrack and colorful characters to introduce your little ones to the Love of God! "Veggietales meets Mayberry is the best tagline there is!" - Jamie Cosley, Cartoonist for Star Wars Insider, Topps, and more

Jamie Cosley, Jedi Cartoonist

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